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Early  History has been provided courtesy Paul McGarraghy B.A (Hons)


Prestwich Liberal Club was incorporated on 8th September 1877.  The building of the premises was in the main funded by Robert and Mark Needham Philips of the notable Prestwich & Whitefield family of land owners. The Prestwich Liberal Club foundation stone was laid by Robert Needham in 1879. Robert had also previously paid for Philips Hall in Bury as a Liberal headquarters. Needham had done significant work in the locality of Prestwich & Whitefield particularly in relation to Philip's Park and the creation of the club was seen as a means of giving back to the community. The history of the Needhams is story of its own for instance, Robert Needham had inherited the estates of his brother Mark following his passing and the two Needham brothers were once described by the novelist and notable letter writer Elizabeth Gaskell as "good natured, but not very gentlemanly".


The club had an early affiliation with the local Freemasons however due to the need to find a larger meeting hall and catering facilities they relocated and eventually built Sedley Park Lodge. Initially the freemasons group agreed to pay £25 a month room rental at the Liberal Club, this started around November 1921 and ended around 1954. The masons group that came from this were later known as "Sedgley Lodge 4361" of Province of East Lancashire, Consecrated March 30th 1922, Closed March 9th 2012.


The club has been an intergral part of the community for many years and we are currently investigating the full history of the club.


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Libs Artists Impression Early 1900s